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"After a short meeting work was underway to update and refresh the site. Nigel was great and knew exactly what was needed. By adding FLICKR and Adobe Contribute I am now able maintain the site on a monthly basis myself!

I was also after a site map of the fishery and he was able to design and deliver a colour overhead of the site, Just what I was after. And once more it didn't break the bank!

My Site is now top on each relevant search and is performing well. I know if there is ever a problem I can contact Nigel and get a swift reply."

Kevin Killeen
Sandwich Coarse Fishery





Media Consultancy Services

The aim of a media consultant is to save you money! To do this we like to meet the business owner and possibly key staff members to discuss your present and future media requirements.

On completion of all research a written report will be supplied with options on design services.

Buying media can be daunting, expensive and if not in possession of all the facts - misleading.

I can assist your media purchases and save you money thus justifying my modest fee.



Nigel Stevenson semina in kent

Corporate seminars and presentation
In association with The Centre for Micro Businesses, we offer seminar/presentations for small businesses covering (Nigel Stevenson)...

  • Understanding the web and its value
  • Choosing a URL
  • What is Hosting and Where?
  • Web page design...
  • Drafting a web page design
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Text
    • Navigation
    • Find
    • SEO
  • Being Mobile friendly
  • Understanding the value of Social Media and linking up

The seminars are aimed at start-up businesses but existing website owners are also getting great value from the sessions.

Roger Gabriel (Director) and Roger House (Cheif Exec), are offering a full days training and mentoring for all types of business, so if you want to...

  • improve your web presence
  • find out about advertising and marketing
  • how to open and close your 'pitch'
  • where to get loans and grants
  • get the best commercial insurance
  • set up your home-based business
  • find out how intellectual property and copyright can influence your business
  • ....and many more business related subjects

the centre for micro businesses

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Logos design
It’s worth spending some time on this part of your corporate branding. You will probably live with your logo for many years as it’s not easy to change later on. Change your logo 5 years down the line and people think you went bust or you’re a new company. Customers like provenance and stability. It gives them confidence, they subliminally think you are more trustworthy and reliable.

What I cover...

  • concept design
  • vector v bitmap formats
  • file format types
  • future proofing your design
  • file export archiving

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Website design
Before you start the website design processes consider this.

  • Who do you want to find your website?
  • Check your competitors’ websites
  • Research your keywords
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO and social media
  • updating website
  • Google - how it works
  • e-Commerce website
  • W3C compliancy

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Print design and buying print
Make the most out of your print purchases. Careful planning can save you money

  • Traditional litho printing
  • Digital printing
  • Print design
  • Print finishing
  • Special print processes
  • Mailing

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Signage and large format printing
Did you know your business signage may be subject to planning law? I cover this and the different types of signage available considering life and position requirements

  • Retail property signage
  • Vehicle signage
  • Exhibitions
  • Posters and banners
  • Substraight requirements
  • Special finishes

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Workwear in the work place and on-site can not only market your business but stand your business above your competitors.

  • Buying workwear
  • Applying logos, graphics, text
  • Best practice guide
  • Promotional material


  web design, printing, print finishing, workwear
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