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“web site is absolutely brilliant, love it....many thanks for a fantastic job”

Ms L – Europine




Case Studies

Samples of our project planning and media consultancy


Website design case study:


June 13, we had a call from a local Deal, Kent business selling pine furniture and restoration (stripping) services requiring a brochure style website design.

We arranged a site meeting as part one of our 6 phase website design launch process.

This is how the website design process works...


Phase 1.
We met a few days later at the clients showrooms, I (MD) was shown the products and the restoration processes available which gave me (the designer) a really good feel for the type of site this company required. They already had a (HIBU) website that was not performing well on google. had also failed to deliver a website design that they liked or update the content to the clients instruction. Basically they were eager to get away from

Phase 2.
Having discussed the specification in detail with the client we emailed over (same day as our first meeting) a detailed proposal with costs and delivery timescales.

Phase 3.
The proposal was agreed by the client so we commenced a ‘look and feel’ flat page draft design so the client could see colours, fonts, page layout, navigation, image use. This was available within 24hrs on-line. See design sample:

Note: you can see temporary images and latin body text has been used to simulate the final design. This helps the client to visualise the look and feel of their website before it's completed.

We also created the logo used on this website, see bottom of this page.

Phase 4.
The draft design was approved after some minor tweaks, the design elements were converted into a live .html web page with all links working. A final check with the client to make sure all is OK/approval.

Phase 5.
Using the images and text supplied plus library images, all pages created with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) built into all areas of the site.

In addition we created a site map page (google) and a mobile web page, both FOC (to see this website use your smart phone and type in the address:

Phase 6.
Using our own top ranking local web directory we launch the new website by adding a link and description to the home page, see: The new link/website is cached by google in 3 days. (This may vary depending on google caching policy/timescales) - see SEO page

[Actually, we added this link at the beginning of the process using a temporary holding page, google then finds the link and adds the holding page content and new web address to its cache. When the completed design goes live we simply update the link keywords.]


Google results?
SEO results on (July 13) – 2 weeks after going live...

  • “europine” page 1
  • “pine furniture showrooms kent” page 1
  • “oak furniture showrooms kent” page 1
  • “pine tables and chairs kent” page 1
  • “bespoke pine furniture kent” page 1
  • “paint stripping kent” page 1
  • “pine kitchen design kent” page 1

We target the google search engine as it is the UK's top search tool with over 90% of the market.

What does the client say?

“web site is absolutely brilliant, love it....many thanks for a fantastic job” Ms L – Europine


logo design

Foot note: we also created the logo for this website which can be used for all media formats from print to web, workwear to signage. Click here to find out more about our logo design services


© N Stevenson


How to go top of Google – 6 web designer top tips

The Holy Grail for all websites is getting onto page 1 of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are some tips...

  • ‘don’t be evil’ – that’s the Google motto and they mean business, do not be tempted to the dark side by using black hat SEO techniques, they will find you and cut you down with their lightsaber!

  • Make sure your website coding is correct, ie: using the H tags, TITLE tags in links, all images have an ALT tag, web pages are keyword titled with matching URL and META tags

  • Make sure out bound links (to other websites) use the NO FOLLOW tag and when clicked on the web page appears in a new TAB (blank)

  • Update your home page content at least once a month, ie: a news feed, blog, special offers. Google likes to see refreshed data. If you want to be really clever use the cache link on the google SERPs and look at the google bot refresh date

  • Back link from trade/local directories, but don’t go mad, google is increasingly pessimistic about false back links. Make sure they are genuine sites in the UK – DO NOT buy links, they are monitored by google, too many too quick and the lightsaber will strike!

  • Finally and most importantly – do blog (off site) about your business using good quality blogging sites inc a link using genuine, original, non-duplicated creative copy

To make sure your SEO is working, benchmark a few search strings you think a punter may use to find your web pages, like ours... 'mobile web site designers in kent.

Mark the date, google page and position, ie: 'mobile web site designers in kent' page 1, site 1. Then go back to google each month to see if what you are doing is working.

Be patient, it takes time for google to find (crawl) information about your web pages but get it right you will enjoy more enquiries and hopefully more sales.


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